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Marketing Mechanics is a Marketing, Communication and Branding Full Service Agency.

Marketing Mechanics is the best choice for providing solutions and cost savings to the government. Our agency has worked with Local, State, Federal Government agencies and Councils for over 15 years and has proven experience across a wide variety of sectors including:

  • · Health

  • · Education

  • · Cultural

  • · Branding

  • · Tourism

  • · Finance

  • · Housing, and

  • · Environment sustainability

Marketing Mechanics had produced many successful comprehensive marketing, communication and branding strategies. Our agency strives for creative strategies and supplies all in-house services that are required; providing a single point of contact for government agencies and councils for an entire, multi-faceted campaign ensuring uniformity of communications. Our agency understands that a well-planned communication and engagement strategy is monumental to the foundation and roadmap for any government initiatives.

Added value, cost-saving and time-saving solutions are at the forefront of our strategies and marketing campaigns. Marketing Mechanics is an approved panel contractor for LPG pre-approved creative, advertising and branding panel. Our agency is an accredited media planner for all local councils across NSW, as wells as an approved supplier on the CMUL.

Marketing Mechanics has an intimate understanding of the councils and government agencies. Our agency will ensure due diligence is undertaken to understand intimately the needs of local communities, and become part of them ourselves. Our agency has the experience being appointed to interact with diverse cultural backgrounds, demographic, socio-economic and Indigenous groups. Our sensitivity to diversity led our agency in tailoring communication and approach appropriate to reach hard-to-reach target markets.

Marketing Mechanics has an in-depth understanding of ‘fit for the future’ and can assist you with this new integration.

Local government ANU City of Sydney NSW health Service NSW Defence Housing NSW Kids and Families connect Jetstar Little Athletics
Local government ANU City of Sydney NSW health Defence Housing NSW Kids and Families connect Jetstar Little Athletics